Full Moon Expected Today with Partial Lunar Eclipse


Lunar eclipses are formed when the sun, moon and Earth align with the moon positioned away from the sun on Earth’s side shielded from the sun. The eclipse coincides with the April full moon also referred to as ‘Pink’ Full Moon because of the slight reddish/ pink hue it forms. However, the eclipse will not be as prominent with its penumbral region (moon’s outer shadow) having a light reddish shadow cast upon it.

Characteristic of eclipses, it will have four phases; the beginning ‘penumbral eclipse’ expected at around 1803 UTC, the second phase known as the ‘partial eclipse’ expected at 19:54 UTC, followed by the ‘maximum eclipse’ at 20:07 UTC and ending with another ‘partial eclipse’ at 20:21 UTC.

The eclipse will last just under 30 minutes and early risers in select geographical regions will be able to view it just before dawn. The next lunar eclipse is expected on the 10th of May and it will be visible in regions throughout the pacific including , Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia and . The last is anticipated to fall on the 18th of October.


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