Taste of wine is changed by microbes


Researchers from the Stellenbosch University concluded exactly this after they analysed communities of microbes found at three Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards located one near the other.

Up until now it was known that the type of grape and vintage of wine determines its taste. However, it seems that the types of microbes found on the grapes before they enter the fermentation process contribute to the final wine taste as-well.

Because vineyards house many types of microbes both on the actual vines and in the soil the final wine taste depends on the type of yeast variety present on the grapes from which the wine is made. The authors of the study explained: “In the wine industry, the fungal communities on grapes are especially important. The microbial species present on the berry may contribute to the fermentation process, and therefore the aromatic properties of the resulting wine”.

This inspiring discovery could very well have a very important role on how wine will be made in the future. The research could help winemakers improve their recipes so that wine taste is better defined.



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