There is a link between drinking a daily coffee and beating obesity, scientists found


Scientists found that the colder the temperature, the more brown fat mice produced and the same was discovered in human adults. And this is the nice thing: the more brown fat a human has, the better insulin sensitivity is associated (which means less likely to store belly fat). So scientists believe that coffee may help us to stimulate our brown fat reserves  speeding up the rate at which we burn calories. This was the first human study to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on our brown fat functions. Scientists now need to determine what it is exactly about coffee that is so fat-busting.


Some other aspects are to be considered. Getting enough high-quality sleep is important as proper melatonin production influences the production of brown fat. It is also requested to lower the temperature in living and working spaces. Working out in the cold really can burn more calories. The team is now looking at caffeine supplements to test whether the effect is similar.


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