Surprising hypothesis to explain the „sonic attack” against American diplomats in Cuba


No devices capable to do this were found and Cuba denied any involvement or knowledge of the alleged sonic attacks. Researchers in the UK and US who continued to investigate revealed now a surprising hypothesis. The study produced by Dr Fernando Montealegre-Zapata, professor of sensory biology at the University of Lincoln, and Alexander L Stubbs from the University of California Berkeley found that „an echoing cricket call, rather than a sonic attack or other technological device, is responsible for the sound in the released recording.” The sound matched “in nuanced detail” the calling song of the Indies short-tailed cricket, known as Anurogryllus celerinictus, according to researchers.

The American Embassy in Havana

It’s hard to believe that politicians will accept the new idea and this not only because a lot of aspects need to be explained. Employees were said to have been targeted in hotels and official residences, not in the US embassy itself. But after all, the incident changed diplomatic relations between the two countries and only a very strong evidence could determine a reconsideration. If for curiosity you want to hear the cricket sound go to this page for an audio sample. Access it only for a short time and on your own responsibility even if certainly you will not suffer anything.


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