Congressional hearing in Mexico about extraterrestrial presemce on Earth


An extraordinary congressional hearing took place in Mexico. Mexican legislators heard testimony regarding the possibility that extraterrestrials might exist and were presented with the alleged remains of non-human beings which were found in Peru near the ancient Nazca Lines in 2017 deep underground. They were about 1,000 years old, according to carbon dating analysis by Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) and were not related to any life on Earth. The bodies were not publicly unveiled in Peru at the time. However a report by the country’s prosecutor’s office in 2017 exists and it found that the bodies were actually “recently manufactured dolls, which have been covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of skin.”


“We are left with reflections, with concerns and with the path to continue talking about this,” the Mexican congressman Sergio Gutierrez, from President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s ruling Morena party, declared. On Wednesday, Julieta Fierro, researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, was among those to express skepticism, saying that many details about the figures “made no sense.”Others sustained the importance of listening to “all voices, all opinions” and said it was positive that there was a transparent dialogue on the issue of extraterrestrials.


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