A study about sperm comportment, aboard the International Space Station


According to a statement, scientists will thaw the sperm and then study it to see how weightlessness affects its ability to move and prepare to fuse with an egg. The Micro-11 mission, which made its way to space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket’s Dragon transported a bunch of containers of frozen human and bull sperm.


“Previous experiments with sea urchin and bull sperm suggest that activating movement happens more quickly in microgravity. Delays or problems at this stage could prevent fertilization from happening in space” officials wrote. sent bull sperm along with human sperm, agency officials wrote, because the bull cells are more consistent in activity and appearance than human sperm. astronauts will be able to figure out whether any strange behavior they’re seeing is a result of something unusual about a particular sperm sample or the effects of microgravity. They will serve as a manner of control. believes sex in space is almost certainly going to become a reality. The sperm will make later its way back to a lab at the University of Kansas for further testing, according to another press release. As humanity is closer to the frontier of space colonization, these results are more than just relevant, they may very well have a drastic effect on the propagation of the human race.


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