A rare Australian spider species was named after the musician Bob Marley


It covers in barnacle shells and builds air chambers from silk which enables them to breathe underwater. They hunt insects on the surface of nearby rocks, plants, and corals. According to the findings in this species, the females are larger than males. The legs of the specimen were orangish-brown and capped by the long dark grey hair like structure.

Bob Marley

The name of the species was on the name of the musician and another key impact that inspired the researcher was the song. The song High tides or low tides encourages love and friendship in spite of all the struggles of life. Bob Marley  shows the example of adventurous and resilient at heart in pursuit of freedom and independence, the scientists argued. They say this finding will also help determine the features of marine spiders. Sometimes, you know, scientists become a sort of romantic people. Maybe we don’t understand every time their thinking but there is something important to observe: they try to give a human perspective and support to their work and discoveries and this happens only because without humans nothing real value can be found on Earth.


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