Mathematically the aging process can’t stop, scientists say


Masel and Nelson found that even if natural selection were perfect, aging would still occur, since cancer cells tend to cheat when cells compete. “As you age, most of your cells are ratcheting down and losing function, and they stop growing, as well,” said Nelson, lead author of the study. “But some of your cells are growing like crazy.” The researchers’ work presents a mathematical equation that expresses why aging is an “incontrovertible truth” and “an intrinsic property of being multicellular,” So, practically aging can’t be stopped even if in some circumstances the process slows. “You can fix one problem but you’re stuck with the other one.

Let’s think to a mirific world !

Things will get worse over time, in one of these two ways or both,” says Nelson. But if being in life for infinity is not possible we can however act to make the life better and happier. Maybe this could be a motivation to think twice before accepting bad things in our life and not at least this should be the stimulus for an engagement which every human being could take to better use the life’s time.


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