Researchers at Cardiff University detect and destroy malwares using an AI-based method


A new method, AI-based in a completely novel way, could automatically detect and kill cyberattacks on our laptops, computers and smart devices in under a second has been created by researchers at Cardiff University. The new approach, developed in collaboration with Airbus, is based on monitoring and predicting the behavior of malware as opposed to more traditional antivirus approaches that analyze what a piece of malware looks like. By training computers to run simulations on specific pieces of malware, it is possible to make a very quick prediction in less than a second of how the malware will manifest. To test the new detection method, the team set up a virtual computing environment to represent a group of commonly used laptops, each running up to 35 applications at the same time to simulate normal behavior.


Matilda Rhode, Head of Innovation and Scouting at Airbus and lead author of the study, said: “While we still have some way to go in terms of improving the accuracy of this system before it could be implemented, this is an important step towards an automated real-time detection system that would not only benefit our laptops and computers, but also our smart speakers, thermostats, cars and refrigerators as the ‘Internet of Things’ becomes more prevalent.”The next stept of the research will be to make a specific anti-malware product available for the industrial and domestic environment.