Study found that playing videogames is good for kids


Even more, it seems that gaming stimulate the teenagers to be more organized. It was a very serious study, which measured the individual performance increase. “The findings suggest that such game-based learning interventions have a role to play in higher education,” affirmed Matthew Barr, from the University of Glasgow in the UK. In fact, the video games will be more benefic if they are more complicated, with more levels, requiring from the player to accomplish some tasks before being accepted at a superior level, like in the real life.

A very interesting and at the same time important conclusion of the study was related to the speed of transformation of the individual performances. The researchers sustain that in a short time the videogames players have them improved. As an example, only 14 hours of game play over a period of eight weeks produced sensitive results. Even with such findings, exaggerated interpretations are not good.The dark face of playing games also exists. A measure in everything is necessary.


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