Nobel Prize for Chemistry goes to two US Scientists


One of these scientists was Brian Kobilka. He was associated with Stanford University Medical School. The other scientist was Robert Lefkowitz who was associated with Howard Hughes Medical institute. $1.2 million amount for research was awarded to both of them for their fundamental work about the cell sensors. These cell sensors are called G-protein-coupled receptors. A Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences cited the contribution of two scientists and their remarkable discoveries related to molecular receptors. They proved in their research that molecular receptors activates many cells and force them to respond. In addition, they allow cells to adapt to any kind of chemical activity produced by taste, sight, sensory cells and smell hormones. It was also reported that they speedup the heart beat and change the ups and downs in blood pressure.

One of the professors hailing from the field of inorganic chemistry at the Sweden’s Lund University, Sven Lidin, said that we are now aware of the functions of these molecular receptors in details. The work of these two US scientists explained the chemistry of cell behavior and communication. The functions of these cells help in the development of new ways to treat diabetics, cancer and depression. Dr. Lidin said that, G-protein-coupled receptors can be treated with medicines in case of a disease. According to him, the work of these two US scientists will help a lot in the preparation of better drugs that would probably be having fewer side effects.

It was a surprise for Dr. Lefkowitz that his work has been selected for Nobel recognition. He said in an interview that, he was sleeping when officials announced the news of awarding him with on Wednesday. It was dawn time and he was in sleep, wearing earplugs and could not hear the phone ringing continuously. His wife awoke him but none of them had any idea about the Nobel award. He further said that, all scientists dream for such Nobel awards and he feels himself lucky as he has been selected for such award.

These two scientists have devoted more than two decades of their life to find out how a cell responds to important chemicals.


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