A possible explication for the illness which affected personnel and diplomats in Cuba and China


It remained an unsolved mystery the case of dozens American and Canadian diplomats and personnel affected by a strange undetectable ilness being at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, respectively at the U.S. consulate in Guanghzhou, China, in early 2017. A possible explication was found now. A new report by a National Academy of Sciences 19-member committee has found that “directed” microwave radiation is the likely cause of illnesses. The study released Saturday was commissioned by the State Department. It has found that “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible” explanation for symptoms that included intense head pressure, dizziness and cognitive difficulties. The study did not name a source for the energy and did not say it came as the result of an attack.


Many adiacent aspects must be clarified yet but this explanation was more likely than other previously considered causes such as tropical disease or psychological issues. Probably the truth will be discovered. Some of the Americans have been critical of the U.S. government’s response to their health complaints and at least one has filed suit against the State Department. Last year, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez dismissed allegations of any kind of attack on US embassy staff as “totally false”. America expelled 15 Cuban diplomats, saying that Havana had failed to protect its employees.