It was proved, smoking reduced Covid 19 infection risk


A research team from the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, led by Jean Pierre Changeux, a member of the French Academy of Sciences, discovered that smoking may prevent the coronavirus from invading cells. This may mean nicotine can inhibit the spread of virus and the novel coronavirus pneumonia. The results are similar to those of researchers in China, France and Italy. An Israeli team led by Dr Ariel extracted data from more than 3 million adult members of Clalit, Israel’s largest health service center. Novel coronavirus pneumonia seems to be reduced by half in smokers. More exactly,the study showed that people with a history of smoking had a 19% lower risk of contracting the virus.


The study also found that smokers were 80% less likely to have severe symptoms, leading researchers to suggest that the free-state nicotine in cigarettes binds to cell receptors to block the virus. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States found that only 1.3% of the more than 7000 people who tested positive were smokers. Even more was said. “The potential benefit of free-state nicotine is that it can partly explain the exacerbation or adverse consequences of smokers hospitalized for coronavirus. It is because these patients will inevitably stop taking nicotine during hospitalization,” Dr. Constantinos Fasalinos from the University of Siatica, Greece, wrote. But smoking is killing too.