The origin of consciousness was possibly discovered in the brain


This neuron emanates from one of the best-connected regions of the brain that we still know very little about, an area called the claustrum. The claustrum is so densely connected to several crucial brain areas that Francis Crick, a scientist famous for the DNA double helix discovery, refers to it as a “conductor of consciousness.” A theory says it acts like a conductor of an orchestra in the brain. Other two neurons with unknown function, which branch extensively throughout the brain, were discovered using the same new imaging technique based on 3D reconstruction. The discovery was  recently communicated at the BRAIN Initiative meeting in Maryland by  Dr. Christof  Koch, the president of the Allen Institute of Brain Science based in Seattle. “A single neuron, projecting across the entire cortex! Absolutely astonishing!” Koch exclaimed during his talk. Scientists plans to continue mapping neurons emanating from the claustrum in the hope to find more answers.


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