Identikit pictures of suspects will be made solely based on DNA samples


When scientists will be able to properly analyze DNA, Police will have robot portraits done on the fly based only on DNA interpretation. Researchers began the study by sampling 10000 different people. It was concluded that the way we look is written in our genes (five to be exact: PRDM16, C5orf50, PAX3, TP63 and COL17A1).

For the research each person had an MRI scan and their photo taken. Researchers then mapped facial landmarks and estimated facial distances. One of the lead researchers, Professor Manfred Kayser, said: “Perhaps sometime it might be possible to draw a portrait of a person solely from the DNA he or she left behind. This provides interesting applications in forensics.”

Determining how someone looks is not something new. Previous studies have shown that DNA samples are enough to draw conclusions regarding the hair or eye color of a person.  Furthermore with the help of some blood samples we can also determine the age of the person in question.


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