New important step to help advancing Quantum Computer project


Now, quantum computing is still in its infancy. But the researchers continuously work and the results gather. According to a study published now in „Nature“, Canadian scientists have brought quantum computers a step closer to reality by identifying one feature that will be key to finally building one. This is called “contextuality”. On the sub-atomic particle level, any measurements are affected by the way you look at them – the context. To build a Quantum Computer we need a way of controlling “the fragile quantum states”. The new study has found that contextuality could be key to the “magical state” model of fault-tolerant quantum computation. “Before these results, we didn’t necessarily know what resources were needed for a physical device to achieve the advantage of quantum information. Now we know one,” said Mark Howard, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing at Canada’s University of Waterloo.


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