Scientists steadily progressing towards developing Star Trek’s Tractor Beam


The beam of energy could always hold an enormous object such as an entire sheep or even manipulate its trajectory. The starship Enterprise used the beam of light to tow or even capture ships in space.

Scientists are happy to see some progress and believe that one day we could have real life tractor beams thanks to recent developments and advances in the field of lasers and other technology. The technology presented in the science fiction movies is not quite here yet but the progress is remarkable according to Dr. Christine Demore of the Dundee University’s Institute for Medical Science and Technology: “We were able to show that you could exert sufficient force on an object around 1 centimeter in size to hold or move it, by directing twin beams of energy from the ultrasound array towards the back of the object,”

Numerous approaches to achieve this were tested but recently only one involving using ultrasound beams was deemed as having a huge potential. Scientists and researchers concluded that there are many applications for miniature tractor beams: from different medical uses to cancer treatment. One example was given in which a medic could in the future use the generated beam to slowly move a capsule to strategically release it near a tumour. For now though, these beams can only move small particles.


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