„Nessie“ is again in actuality


In 1938, G. E. Taylor, a South African tourist, filmed something in the loch for three minutes. In 1960, the aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale filmed a hump crossing the water leaving a powerful wake. For 80 years, the existence of a monster in a lake in Scotland was a subject of controversial disputes and became a real myth. Hundreds of supposed sightings were reported over the years. The imagination of the people all over the world was stimulated and one fact is certain: the tourism industry has flourished in Scotland thanks to Nessie’s story too.
But now it seems to be something different. First, alleged sightings of the „Loch Ness monster“ were spotted on Apple Maps, satellite images appearing to show a mystery object measuring around 100 ft long  with two giant flippers in the loch. Second, almost immediately, in a short time, an image was recorded by sonar equipment on board the flagship vessel of Inverness-based Jacobite Cruise. This vessel carries more than 100,000 passengers on Loch Ness yearly, being equipped with sonar. „This reading is the most unusual we have seen for quite some time,“ said skipper John Askew. And a new stade to prove the existence of „Nessie“ is ongoing.


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