New injectable experimental drug brings promise to prevent HIV


First, was the drug Truvada, given in pills. It was previously found to cut the risk of contracting HIV by 90 percent, being used both for prevention of the healthy people and for people who already have HIV. The new experimental injectable drug, known as GSG 744, was tested in two separate studies on monkeys with positive results, preparing the test in humans. It seems to have the same potential to prevent HIV as the contraceptives have in preventing pregnancy. It should be administrated as a shot every three months. As presented by its creators , the new drug against HIV is chemically similar to some AIDS treatments sold now and considered well tolerated and safe. Someday this will be available for humans as a good alternative until a vaccine is developed. “This is the most exciting innovation in the field of HIV prevention that I’ve heard recently”, said an AIDS expert at the Gladstone Institute, Dr. Robert Grant.


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