A possible solid proof for the Martian provenience of life on Earth


This was present on the Mars surface 3 billion years ago but it couldn’t exist on Earth because at that time there was very little oxygen.
The new study introduces the idea that life came to Earth probably on a Martian meteorite.
The importance of the oxidized molybdenum is comparable in this case with the action of a catalyst for the primordial “soup of organic molecules” said Steven Benner a day ago at the annual Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Florence, Italy.
As many other scientists say, even if no indigenous Mars organisms have ever been discovered, it is possible that life on Mars may have made its way to Earth a very long time ago.
Steven A. Benner,  a former V.T. & Louise Jackson Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Florida Department of Chemistry,  left the University of Florida in late December 2005 to found The Westheimer Institute of Science and Technology. He created at the same time the Foundation For Applied Molecular Evolution.


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