Scientists Make Human-Like Cells Using 3D Printer


In a paper titled ‘A Tissue-Like Material,’ they announced that their 3D printer was able to create water filled protein sacks with the ability to mold itself into diverse shapes and carry out similar functions as human cells. The team then used the printer to develop droplets of the protein sack which then formed into networks of cell-like structures which could mirror the function of nerves and sent electrical signals between the networks.

Hagan Bayley, an Oxford University Chemistry Professor,explained that they were not trying to make materials that resemble tissues rather structures with the ability to function as human tissues. The cells are 5 times bigger than normal human cells, but the scientists believe that they can be printed in smaller sizes to resemble human cells more closely.Although these cells are in the fledging stages currently, it goes to show the possibilities that lie in studying human tissues in the near future.


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