The Thinnest Invisibility Cloak Developed


The polycarbonate and copper were wrapped around a cylinder, resulting in scattered light being emitted from the cylinder and consequently cancelling out the cloak.  The invisibility cloak effectively shields object from radars and other microwaves. The device does not react the same way in visible light, at the moment, it can only hide micrometer sized objects from visible light. What this means is that it is not yet able to hide a human being fully, as most fans of the famous Harry Potter books and movies would expect.

Andrea Alu, the project’s co-author, says that it has been affirmed that it is possible to cloak objects from visible light. Alu added that “metascreens are easier to realize at visible frequencies than bulk metamaterials and this concept could put us closer to a practical realization.” The development is an exciting one to both the scientific world and invisibility cloak enthusiast, giving a glance into what could be in store for the future.


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