Particle Discovered By Cern Scientists Last Year Believed To Be Higgs Boson


The Higgs boson particle was at first described at the Edinburg University by Professor Peter Higgs in 1964. Scientists at Cern are now confirming that after comprehensive analysis and with twice more data than before they firmly believe that the particle is indeed the Higgs boson. Scientists had initially announced that they had discovered the new particle last year in July, but they cautioned that they could not conclusively say that it was indeed the much sought after particle at that stage. Scientists found the particle among subatomic debris which was spewed out during collisions of trillions of protons within the .

Recent measurements depict the particle behaving as it would be expected. The new analysis data has made several scientists come out to strongly confirm that it is the Higgs particle. The Cern CMS team spokesman, Joe Incadela, said that he was confident that it was a Higgs particle and he said that there was no need to call it ‘Higgs-like anymore.’


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