Investigation is ongoing on Chinese scientist who edited genes in human embryos


He may charged with bribery and corruption – crimes which are punishable by death in the country.  The scientific world and the general public were stunned when Dr He Jiankui claimed on YouTube to have successfully created gene edited human twins. Punishment for his actions would likely be severe. There is an official investigation led by the ministries of science and health. Dr He trained as a physicist, not a biologist, and was therefore unqualified and likely unable to carry out the research himself. It is believed he used his own £40 million fortune to fund the project and privately recruited highly-trained scientific professionals.

Dr He Jiankui

„Here you have a physicist who knows little biology, is very rich, has a huge ego, wants to be the first at doing something that will change the world,” Professor Lovell-Badge said at a conference. Gene editing is banned in Britain, in the US and in many other parts of the world. Dr Jiankui said at the time his goal was not to cure or prevent an inherited disease, but to try to bestow a trait that few people naturally have , an ability to resist infection with HIV. It’s „unconscionable … an experiment on human beings that is not morally or ethically defensible,” said Dr Kiran Musunuru, a University of Pennsylvania gene editing expert. Some others have doubts about the real action of Dr Jiankui. They say really was almost nothing to be gained in terms of protection against HIV „ and yet you’re exposing that child to all the unknown safety risks.” “What we need is a detailed protocol of how you would go about this,” says Robin Lovell-Badge of the Francis Crick Institute in London.


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