A warning signal from scientists about a potential aspect during a contact between humans and aliens


. Researchers also suggested that aliens could “gift” us with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that may trick humans into developing self-replicating nanobots and eventually deploy them to wreak havoc on our planet.Than, they could send a malicious message to eradicate humans, which will be „cheaper compared to sending battleships”.


Even another scenario was imagined: a message from aliens could be a panic-inducing statement like “We will make your sun go supernova tomorrow” and this could be set to be globally receptioned. In another scenario, the scientists argue that humans could be tricked into begetting their own demise by aliens offering the “gift” of knowledge but instead this will be the  poisoned candy, a system designed to lead us to self-destruction. The conclusion is a major warning: scientists warn that in the event we receive any complex messages from extraterrestrial life forms, they should be destroyed to avoid a potential threat. After reading and understanding the subject of discution, try to think yourself what chances are such scenarios to be true.


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