Life after death – just another experience to know about


“I didn’t see any white light or Angels, didn’t hear any voices. I could see, but I didn’t have a body. It was like I was on another planet, when I looked down I saw sand and there was very shallow water. (…)When I looked up the sky was purple, there wasn’t a sun.


The only thing lighting the skies were these blue rays of light, with a tinge of yellow on the sides. The feeling was so foreign to me. It just felt like every single problem I had, every single issue no matter how big or how small was just gone. It was all gone. Every single care I had was all gone. like the weight of the world was completely lifted off my shoulders. I just existed. It felt like everything was going to be ‘okay’ and i didn’t have to worry about a single thing, It was what I imagined what the peace was like to the full extent. It felt amazing,” is what he told describing his experience. After that, he narrated how the return on life was: “I felt this falling feeling. Everything went black and I just felt like I was falling faster and faster, then all of a sudden there was a huge snap, like my whole body vibrated like when you pull back a ruler and let it go. That’s when I started feeling everything again. All the worries, and the sadness. I felt really sad. I felt the pain again.”We can believe him or not. A such experience is always individual and unique. The only important fact to think at is the hope to have a similar one when the moment will come.


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