“There is not life after death”, a physics professor says


Consciousness at the very basic level is a series of atoms and electrons which essentially give us our mind. The laws of the universe do not allow these particles to operate after our physical demise, according to Dr Carroll. In his own words: “Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms face one huge, insuperable obstacle: the laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood, and there’s no way within those laws to allow for the information stored in our brains to persist after we die.”

We believe in life after death

More, Dr Carroll explains if life continued in some capacity after death, tests on the quantum field would have revealed “spirit particles” and “spirit forces”. So this is why he concludes: “If it’s really nothing but atoms and the known forces, there is clearly no way for the soul to survive death. (…) Believing in life after death, to put it mildly, requires physics beyond the Standard Model.”  Do we need to be frustrated of this ? We think not. Maybe he told a truth for the little part of  the Universe law we understand. But beyond the science …?


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