An Israeli doctor and his research team believe they discovered „the elixir of life”


Shai Efrati, an Israeli doctor and Tel Aviv University associate professor and his research team say they had brought about physical changes in human blood cells that “reverse” aging, using an oxygen therapy. Dr Efrati explained that a control group of healthy adults aged 65 and above experienced a reversal of the ageing process when placed in a pressurized chamber and given pure oxygen for 90 minutes a day, five days a week over a three-month period. He claims this represents a “holy grail” in the battle against aging but other physicians have reservations. “We’re showing that we can actually take the biological clock backwards and improve the quality of blood cells. This means we can start to look at aging as a reversible disease,” doctor Efrati said again.


The non-profit Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at the Shamir Medical Center near Rishon Lezion, which he directs, offers its oxygen protocol to businesses outside Israel. Efrati reported his therapy led to a decrease in senescent cells. The long-term effects of the therapy still need to be determined. Efrati warned people not to try his experiment at home. The same group of researchers pointed to the benefits of oxygen therapy for the human brain.