„Illustris“, a big simulation of the Universe evolution


Illustris was developed by a team led by astrophysicist Mark Vogelsberger of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Illustris is like a time machine. We can go forward and backward in time. We can pause the simulation and zoom into a single galaxy or galaxy cluster to see what’s really going on,” added co-author Shy Genel. The entire simulation is based on hypothesis, theories and past observations so it’s not, probably, on all the aspects, like the real process developed. In the model, the effects soon after the Big Bang are considered where the hot soup of primordial matter cools to form the first stars and young galaxies. The time to process the work was three months, using eight thousands computer processors connected. The results of the study has been published in the May 8 edition of the journal Nature. Understanding how the Cosmos works is a goal for the actual science. Actually, this is the best computer model yet of the universe. Illustris’ website was launched in May,5, 2014.


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