A two face kitty has sparked global interest


A two faced kitten is rare. In 2011, a two headed male cat (Frankelouie) was included into the Guiness Book of World Records when he turned 12.

Those special two-face cats are called “Janus cats”. The special history of Deucy  was determined from the beginning by the fact that the little abnormal kitty was abandoned by her mother and was saved by children. This extremely rare birth defect is scientifically called “diprosopus”.

Stephanie Durkee decided to help Deucy to survive and even to have a long life. Special measures to fed her and to kept warm was used in the house.

A strange coincidence was noticed too: Deucy, the cat with two faces, was born in the astrological sign of Gemini.
But the last thing to know about this (update): Deucy died however. Her existence was short but capable to produce a little informational storm around the world because today we live in the global informational era. Deucy was a “star” in her own way.


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