A warning signal from scientists about a potential aspect during a contact between humans and aliens

Another face of a potential contact with aliens began to be examined by scientists and some dangerous aspects were revealed. They say messages from space could destroy life as we know it. Let’s explain: astrophysicists Michael Hippke and John Learned argue that telescopes designed to search for alien signals could pick hazardous messages from intelligent extraterrestrials which could launch a virus or cyberattacks to shut down our computer systems

It will not be apocalypse on April 23

The planet Nibiru is going to appear on April 23 and we kill us all, some conspiracy theorists claim. In other words, they expect once again the End of The World supposing a biblical reference.

A new form of light created in laboratory is a hope for developing quantum computers

Typically, photons do not interact with each other at all. In new experiments with lasers however, in a lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the physicists coaxed individual photons to cozy up to each other and link, similar to the way individual atoms stick together in molecules.  They created a cloud of chilled rubidium atoms, an alkali metal which typically looks like a silver-white solid.