Wednesday, May 12, 2021


NASA stopped the contract with SpaceX for developping a lunar spacecraft

US space agency NASA has told Elon Musk's SpaceX to halt work under a contract it won to develop a lunar spacecraft, pending the outcome of challenges by rival bidders at the US Government Accountability Office. Blue Origin on Monday filed a protest with the GAO.

A suicide huge car bomb blast killed at least 27 people and injured dozens in Afghanistan

A suicide huge car bomb blast killed at least 27 people and injured dozens more in Afghanistan's eastern Logar province on Friday evening. High school students are among the casualties .

The Biden administration decided to return to Pentagon funds originally intended for military but used by Trump to build the border wall

The Defense Department is canceling all contracts for wall construction on the US-Mexico border that used funds originally intended for military. T

The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has been completed in Portugal

The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has been completed in northern Portugal inside the Unesco-recognised Arouca Geopark. It has 516 meters (1,700 feet) and hangs 175 meters above the fast-flowing River Paiva.

European Union regulators are accusing Apple for its way of doing business on music streaming

European Union regulators are accusing Apple of violating the bloc’s antitrust rules. The accusation is the company distorts competition for music streaming through rules for its App Store. The EU’s executive Commission said Friday, April 30, 2021, it objected to Apple’s way of doing business, which it said ends up costing consumers more and limiting their choices.

Dozens were killed in a stampede at a religious gathering in Israel

A stampede at a mountainside religious celebration in Israel where about 100,000 people ultra-Orthodox Jews were crammed together late Thursday to celebrate a holiday has left dozens dead and more injured, including children.

China launched on Thursday a module witch is part of its future permanent space station

China launched an unmanned module on Thursday containing what will become living quarters for three crew on a permanent space station, named Tianhe or "Heavenly Harmony".

Strange incidents suggesting the “Havana syndrome” attack are investigated in the U.S.

Defense officials briefed American lawmakers on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees earlier this month about at least two possible incidents on US soil, including one near the White House in November of last year, that appear similar to mysterious attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel,known as "Havana syndrome" attack.

Fire in the Castaic and Valencia required mandatory evacuation of homes and businesses

A fire in the Castaic and Valencia area quickly spread to at least 650 acres east of the 5 Freeway and northeast of the Wayside Canyon area in Castaic Wednesday afternoon.

Attack with knife in China at a kindergarten: two died, 16 wounded

A knife-wielding 24-old man named Zeng, local resident, broke into the private Jianle kindergarten in Xinfengin ,southern China, on Wednesday, and injured at least 18 people, including 16 children, two of them seriously.

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Dozens bodies were found floating on the Ganges River in eastern India

At least 70 bodies have been pulled from the banks of the Ganges River in eastern India after the Covid-19 disease unprecedented increase. Most bodies were found floating in the river on Tuesday, washing up in Ghazipur district in neighboring Uttar Pradesh state.

Missing 71-year-old hiker was found safe after two days in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

Joseph Dean of Portland, a 71-year-old experienced hiker who went missing in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon on Saturday has been found safe after spending two nights in the wilderness.

Multiple fatalities in a school shooting in Kazan, Russia

Seven children - four boys and three girls- and at least a teacher were killed and at least 16 people injured on Tuesday after a gunman opened fire in the school no. 175 in the Russian city of Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan Republic.

Facebook was asked to stop development of Instagram for kids

A group of 44 states attorneys general in the U.S. has written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg urging him to drop company plans for a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13, was announced on Monday.

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