Monday, October 2, 2023


Deadly accident near Glassmine Falls waterfall

A woman kiker identified as Nancy Sampson, 61, of Greer, South Carolina, died after tumbling 150 feet over a steep cliff from Glassmine Falls waterfall overlook at milepost 361 along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway in Buncombe County,North Carolina.

Social ecommerce will be banned in Indonesia

The government in Indonesia is ready to introduce on Tuesday a regulation prohibiting tech giants from conducting e-commerce activities on their social media platforms due to concerns over monopolistic practices

Our diet if based on ultra-processed foods can increase depression risk

Scientists have found that artificial sweeteners, especially those found in drinks like Diet Coke, could increase the risk of someone developing depression by more than third.It’s believed to be because the chemicals in the drinks can cause changes in the brain which were linked to mental health problems.

Water emergency in parts of Louisiana due to saltwater intrusion in the Mississippi River

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has signed an emergency declaration over an intrusion of saltwater into the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico because the river volume is falling and will continue to do it.

Seizure of drugs in Melbouurne Port, Australia

$80 million haul of cocaine , more than 200kg, heavily wrapped in plastic , hidden in a hull attachment in a ship's sea chest, which houses pipes used to pump sea water. was seized in Melbourne

Pope Francis blamed weapons industry and the war

Pope Francis, on Saturday, aboard the plane returning from a trip to the French port city of Marseilles, observed that some countries were "playing games" with Ukraine by first providing weapons and then considering backing out of their commitments.

Deadly explosions and fire with many victims at a factory in Taiwan

Explosions and a fire at a golf ball factory in Pingtung county in southern Taiwan killed at least five people and injured more than 100, most of them workers, on Friday night.

The Women’s Reservation Bill passed Parliament in India

The Women’s Reservation Bill, which would reserve a third of seats in the lower house of Parliament and in state legislatures for women, in India, passed Parliament as a big victory for democracy after facing obstacles for decades.

PM Rishi Sunak announced intention to ban teenagers to buy cigarettes

Rishi Sunak is considering introducing in the UK anti-smoking measures that would in effect ban the next generation from ever being able to buy cigarettes, similar to those brought in by New Zealand last December.

NASA prepares TO deorbit the ISS in 2031

As part of its planned retirement by the end of this decade NASA issued a proposal for the development of the US Deorbit Vehicle (USDV), a spacecraft designed to safely deorbit the ISS

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13 people died in a nightclub fire in Spain

A fire at the Fonda Milagrosa nightclub and neighboring Teatre venue over the weekend killed at least 13 people, in Spain.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two scientistS who made possible the Covid-19 vaccine

Hungarian scientist Katalin Kariko and U.S. colleague Drew Weissman – involved in mRNA molecule discovery which was usd for production of Covid-19 vaccines won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2023.

Two people and a dog were killed by a grizzly bear in Alberta’s Banff National Park

A grizzly bear attacked and killed a Canadian couple, common-law partners, and their dog, in Alberta's Banff National Park in the weekend.

A suicide bombing attack in front of the Interior Ministry in Ankara, Turkey

Two police officers suffered non life-threatening injuries when two terrorists carried out a bomb attack on Ataturk Boulevard in front of Turkey’s Interior Ministry building in the Turkish capital Ankara ahead of the opening of parliament on Sunday.

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