Monday, October 2, 2023


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13 people died in a nightclub fire in Spain

A fire at the Fonda Milagrosa nightclub and neighboring Teatre venue over the weekend killed at least 13 people, in Spain.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two scientistS who made possible the Covid-19 vaccine

Hungarian scientist Katalin Kariko and U.S. colleague Drew Weissman – involved in mRNA molecule discovery which was usd for production of Covid-19 vaccines won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2023.

Two people and a dog were killed by a grizzly bear in Alberta’s Banff National Park

A grizzly bear attacked and killed a Canadian couple, common-law partners, and their dog, in Alberta's Banff National Park in the weekend.

A suicide bombing attack in front of the Interior Ministry in Ankara, Turkey

Two police officers suffered non life-threatening injuries when two terrorists carried out a bomb attack on Ataturk Boulevard in front of Turkey’s Interior Ministry building in the Turkish capital Ankara ahead of the opening of parliament on Sunday.

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