Sunday, October 2, 2022


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A military coup occurred in Burkina Faso, government dissolved and the constitution was suspended

Flanked by soldiers ,Captain Ibrahim Traore , an army captain in Burkina Faso, has announced on national television that he has ousted military leader Lt Col Paul-Henri Damiba.

Elon Musk offered first look at the Optimus robot during Tesla’s AI Day

On stage at a Silicon Valley event on Friday evening at Tesla’s AI Day, tech billionaire Elon Musk has presented the latest prototype of a humanoid robot being developed by his Tesla electric car company

NASA plans to give a prolonged life to Hubble Space Telescope

NASA announced that it plans a six-month study to examine the possibility of using SpaceX's Crew Dragon vehicle to give to the aging Hubble Space Telescope a prolonged life.

One of the grandstands of a stadium in Chile collapsed with fans, many injured

Dozens people were injured on Friday, no one seriously excepting two fractures, when one of the grandstands of Colo Colo's Monumental Stadium in the Chilean capital of Santiago has collapsed scattering hundreds of terrified supporters.

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