Tuesday, June 22, 2021


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Three killed, including a police officer, in a shooting outside of Denver

A shooting in a shopping district just outside of Denver left three killed, including the suspect and a police officer. The policeman was identified Monday night as Officer Gordon Beesley. He worked as a school resource officer at Oberon Middle School. Another person, possibly a bystander, was fatally shot.

A tornado produced big damage in the Chicago suburbs of Naperville and Woodridge

A tornado touched down in the Chicago suburbs of Naperville and Woodridge in the overnight hours. It was the most intense tornado this area has seen in a long time. It caused severe damage to some of the homes in the area.

A “tense” food situation in North Korea was recognized by the leader Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, issued a rare warning about a “tense” food situation brought about by extensive flooding, the coronavirus pandemic and international sanctions.He said resolving the food shortage is “a top priority.”

Terrible accident due to Claudette, on Interstate 65 in Butler County

Ten people - including nine children - have been killed after in a crash involving 18 vehicles in the storm-hit US state of Alabama on Interstate 65 in Butler County on Saturday.

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