A massive chain collision with victims in Hungary, due to a sandstorm


MeteoAlarm (Alerting Europe for Extreme Weather) and Estofex (European Storm Forecast Experiment) issued severe warnings for Hungary a day ago. A tragic event occurred. Five tractor-trailers and 37 other vehicles collided in a pileup on the M1 highway around 15 miles (25 kilometers) west of Budapest due to a dust storm on Saturday, with sudden reduction in visibility. Many vehicles caught fire. At least one person died. The victim’s body was found under the remains of a completely burnt car. 36 people were injured, including one that was life-threatening and 13 that were serious, police said. Between them there were ten children, four of them seriously.


Authorities blocked traffic in both directions of the M1. Hungary’s National Directorate for Disaster Protection said in a statement that the fires had been extinguished. On Saturday, Budapest registered a record in terms of wind power, which reached a gust of 117 km/h.


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