Samsung Smart TVs getting two additional games from EA


    Many people have game consoles or those smart Android TV sticks that give access to high definition games in seconds. Thus, because of this virtual competition and because of the unknown demand, many developers are scared to enter the “uncharted terrain” of TV game development. Samsung Smart TV is the first TV that introduced the gesture controlled game Angry Birds back in August this year.

    Since the launch of Angry Birds developers did not hurry to bring in something new. EA Mobile’s two new games are available for download in the market for Samsung Apps and each costs $10. Monopoly includes many animated scenes and can be characterized as being an addictive multiplayer game. The Game of Life starts out as a classic board game but impresses with its very interactive user interface and with its high definition graphics. EA’s surprise is that for both games one could use his Samsung smart phone (Galaxy SI, SII or SIII only) as a game controller.

    Using a smart phone as a dice shaker or as a spin wheel is made very easy thanks to the companion applications released by EA. Using these applications on a Samsung smart phone that was previously connected with the TV via Wi-Fi would allow anyone to easily use these new game controllers in EA’s newly released games.


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