Moon resorts to be built on the Earth


Moon-themed mega resorts are planned to open in the coming decade conceptualised by Canadian architectural design and intellectual property licensor Moon World Resorts Inc. “People want something unique, something different, something ‘Wow’,’” Michael Henderson, co-founder of Moon World Resorts, Inc, declared to media. “With Moon [World Resorts], for US$500, they can walk on an authentic lunar surface and enjoy exploring a lunar colony in a spectacular way,” he added. Such special resorts will be built in Dubai: a series of gigantic dome-like hotels resembling the moon. Each recreated moon could tower 735 feet high (224 meters) with a 2,042 foot circumference, with realistic-looking craters and texture.


According to Henderson, each Moon World Resort will be “a very luxurious and contemporary, fully integrated destination resort, with a lot of components inside that one would already know” — for example, a convention center, restaurants, spa, each with a lunar twist. Moon World Resorts has been in the works for two decades. With the first step in Dubai, the project plans more: to build four Moon resorts, one in North America, one in Europe, one in the Middle East and Northern Africa and one in Asia. Henderson hopes the first licensee, who will be expected to invest US$5 billion on the build out, will be secured by the end of 2022. He foresees the first Moon World resort opening five years later, in 2027.


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