GTA V available for pre-order starting with November 5



    Rockstar confirmed the launch date soon after the marketing material leak. Rockstar North, the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, promises GTA V is by far the most ambitious game title of the series. As we are already used to, GTA will focus around one or more characters that will try to rise through the ranks of the criminal world.

    Grand Theft Auto surprised us with every title by bringing impressive computer graphics. GTA V will be no different. Rockstar developers promise game graphics “bursting with life, from mountaintops to the depths of the ocean”. GTA holds many world records: from the world record of largest voice cast in a game to the award for most guest stars used in a computer and console game.

    How many records will the next Grand Theft Auto video game bring? Only time will tell. GTA V will be available for pre-order starting with November 5. However, few big gaming sites already created their pre-order pages. Gamestop was among the first that began accepting pre-orders ahead of time.



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