Deadly aircraft accident with four victims occurred Sunday north-east of Brisbane


Four people have been killed after a small plane crashed into the sea off Redcliffe, north-east of Brisbane on Sunday. The plane crashed off the end of a runway at Redcliffe and into the sea. Between victims were two children, aged nine and ten. The pilot was a 67-year-old Wamuran man. the plane was a four-seater Rockwell International light plane. “I understand it was a joy flight and it was pre-arranged,” Police Inspector Craig White said. “This is a tragic accident … in the lead-up to Christmas and the last thing that any family need to go through at this time of the year, at any time,” he added. Water police and divers, along with the Forensic Crash Unit, were helping at the scene of crash. Police used divers to recover bodies.


Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Angus Mitchell said the organisation was working with Queensland police in the investigation. A pilot from Fly Now Redcliffe, which operates from Redcliffe Airport, said one of his customers who was outside watching the plane told him it suffered an engine failure. Commissioner Mitchell said a second ATSB investigation team would arrive from Canberra on Monday to examine any communication with flight towers, any flight recorders that could be detected, and the wreckage. A preliminary report into the crash would be completed in about eight weeks’ time.