FDA authorized some e-cigarette products for the first time ever


Unexpected move in the U.S.: FDA had authorized e-cigarette products for the first time ever, giving permission to R.J. Reynolds to sell three of its Vuse vape products. However, „all tobacco products are harmful and addictive and those who do not use tobacco products should not start,” the FDA said in a statement. The three authorized products are all tobacco flavored, and the FDA said they were less likely to appeal to children and teens, and more likely to be used by smokers to reduce their risk of harm. “The manufacturer’s data demonstrates its tobacco-flavored products could benefit addicted adult smokers who switch to these products — either completely or with a significant reduction in cigarette consumption — by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals,” Mitch Zeller, who heads FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said in a statement.


Some members of Congress expressed concern. “We must remain vigilant with this authorization and we will monitor the marketing of the products, including whether the company fails to comply with any regulatory requirements or if credible evidence emerges of significant use by individuals who did not previously use a tobacco product, including youth. We will take action as appropriate, including withdrawing the authorization,” the FDA responded. The FDA also said in September it had rejected applications for more than a million e-cigarettes and related products, mainly due to their potential appeal to underage teens.