Disney is preparing a Galactic Starcruiser themed Hotel


Disney is preparing something very special: a Galactic Starcruiser themed Hotel for all Stars fans. The Galactic Starcruiser will open to guests in spring 2022, but an exact opening date have to be announced. This won’t be a hotel you just book to stay at while on a Disney World vacation. Instead, it is a two-night immersive adventure aboard the Starship Halcyon. Meals, lodging, entertainment and activities are all part of the package, two nights and three days of your Star Wars dreams. The “windows” above will show you the stars as well as the space cruiser in the distance. The goal is for the Galactic Starcruiser experience to truly feel like you’re a character in the Star Wars canon universe. Only 100 total cabins and suites will be available for booking. But all will be very special. Standard cabins can sleep four to five passengers. Galaxy class suite and grand captain suite will be also available.


Disney released some example prices and they are all in the thousands of dollars range. Customers will pay at least $749 per person and per night. A family of four should expect to spend close to $6,000 or more for the two-night „voyage.” You’ll be invited to the bridge of Halcyon to demonstrate navigation and defense skills you’ve learned and maybe even get a chance to pilot the galactic starcruiser. A model of the Halcyon starcruiser is viewable by guests for a limited time in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.