At least 13 killed in a stampede at a night club in Peru


There were approximately 120 people at the Thomas Restobar nightclub in Los Olivos, just north of Lima and thirteen people were killed in a stampede while trying to flee an illegal nightclub party. Neighbors had alerted police about the Avent. Partygoers, upon police arrival, rushed to escape through a single door. When people began to flee the 2nd floor venue trying to get away from the police they were crushed on the stairs. another six people were injured, including three police officers who were trying to help people who were trapped inside. Police detained at least 23 people in connection to the incident, the Interior Ministry said.


Mass gatherings are currently illegal in Peru, which is in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Peru was one of the first nations in the Americas to take strict preventative coronavirus measures, but is now one of the worst affected countries in Latin America, with more than 576,000 cases. Police said in a statement they have started an investigation to identify the owners of the nightclub and those responsible for the event. “The Ministry of the Interior profoundly regrets the deaths of 13 people as a consequence of the criminal irresponsibility of an unscrupulous business owner,” the statement said. The 60 police officers who participated in the raid would also be tested for coronavirusThe 60 police officers who participated in the raid would also be tested for coronavirus.


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