“Game World” gaming portal launched for Cinema 3D LG Smart TVs


    TV entertainment will no longer be just about watching TV channels or DVD movies. TV games cannot compete with console games in terms of graphics and game play but they offer a great experience nonetheless.


    LG TV owners can also search the “Game World” portal for the latest or featured games. Not all games will be free. But with its intuitive interface buying a game is very easy. Playing games on a TV can be a little tricky if you don’t have a game controller. LG thought of everything and with LG’s Magic Remote you can play just about any game from “Game World”. Third-party compatible game controllers such as gamepads can also be used with most of the available games.

    LG Home Entertainment’s CEO Havis Kwon declared: “By making the most of the capabilities of LG 3D TVs, Game World will allow us to push the boundaries of 3D gaming and expand the market”. Game World will most likely be available for all LG smart TVs by the end of the year.



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