Max Payne 3 free DLC less than a week away


    The Max Payne “Disorganized Crime” DLC will focus around the new “Hoboken Rooftops” free multiplayer map and will offer a new gaming mode called: Noir mode. During Noir Mode a gamer will play a single player campaign while all the graphics are only in black and white.

    Rockstar improved the gameplay a lot by implementing a sometimes more aggressive enemy AI dubbed Lone Wolf AI. The Disorganized Crime DLC also comes with updates for Arcade mode where modifiers for Score Attack were introduced. Gamers will also be able to activate explosive rounds through the dilapidated building blocks from Max Payne’s old neighborhood.

    All of the above and more will be available as downloadable content in next week’s free Max Payne 3 update. The free DLC will be available for all platforms so no matter if you have Xbox 360, PC or a Play Station 3 you will still get to play “Disorganized Crime”.


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