World of Warcraft loses millions of subscribers


    Blizzard is currently leading the market by having a user-base that exceeds 60% of total online MMORPG players. Blizzards most popular PC game is World of Warcraft.

    World of Warcraft was launched in November 2004. After the free month of game-play users have to purchase a monthly subscription or bigger packages. After 6 years World of Warcraft fans were still playing the game like crazy. In fact Blizzard reached an all time high user count of 12 million back in 2010.

    Ever since, countless WOW players quit playing the game. This year 1.1 million users cancelled their membership in the first quarter alone. This is an ascending trend considering last year two million users cancelled their membership. The loss has a big impact on Blizzard’s net earnings. Blizzard declared they are not worried as they are confident a lot of these users will come back next month when they will launch an expension pack for World of Warcraft.


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