Grand Theft Auto III PS3 launch delayed


    The game was originally announced to be released on 31th July but because of some delays caused by legal complications.


    GTA 3 was not released to the Play Station store because Rockstar did not have the proper distribution license for one of the songs from the GTA3’s soundtrack. A new release date will be soon announced and Rockstar promises the GTA 3 title will be soon brought to the PlayStation Network.

    The Grand Theft Auto 3 game is already available for PlayStation 3. The PS3 version will most likely have a better game-play and some new areas to explore. The announcement that Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City will be heading to PS3 was made back in January. Although the game was not released yet, GTA 3 fans are already looking in major search engines for tips/tricks and cheats by queries such as “gta 3 ps3 cheats”.



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