Sony already sold out its PlayStation 4 launch edition at Amazon


    If you aren’t among the lucky people who got to buy this edition but you desperately want the Play Station 4 then don’t despair. Sony is still selling the standard edition version of the PS4 for $400. Unfortunately your order won’t come with a guarantee that you’ll receive the PS4 this fall.

    On the other side there’s Sony’s direct competitor: Microsoft. Microsoft’s Xbox One is being sold as a Day One Edition and it costs $500. The silent battle between the two gaming consoles is closing to an end as soon it will be clear which of the two companies made a bigger profit.

    From the volume point of view Sony seems to be a detached winner. One of the indicators which suggest that Sony’s PS4 is more popular is Amazon’s top 20 best-selling games list.

    There we found only one Xbox One game and three PS4 games. These figures speak for themselves especially if we consider the fact that Amazon is not selling any Xbox One bundles.


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