Virgin Atlantic Introduces An Airborne Art Gallery



The Gallery will showcase British artist Ben Eine pieces, famous for having one of his pieces gifted to president Obama by David Cameron during his first official state visit in Washington. Eine’s artwork is also prominent throughout London particularly on Alphabet/ Middlesex Street where he painted the alphabet letters on 26 shop shutters.

Eine’s pieces which will be featured on the airborne gallery depict his signature topography-style and retail for about £2,500 to £15,000 (approximately $3,966 to $23,799). The collection is said to have been inspired by Sir Richard Branson, New York and London – which are the routes the airborne gallery will serve. The pieces have been aptly named including ‘New York Sauce,’ ‘Great Adventure’ and ‘man and his Machines.’

Newark Clubhouses, JFK and Virgin Atlantic’s London Heathrow will display the canvasses and when onboard passengers will get a virtual visit of the airborne gallery as well as previews of footages showing the construction of the art pieces.


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